The Society For Surface Protective Coatings- India

Who we are

Prof. A.S.Khanna  Chairman

SSPC India - was founded in July 2004, as a non-profit professional society conc- erned with the use of coatings to protect industrial steel structures. SSPC India: The Society for Surface Protective Coatings serves its members and advances the Industry through standards, regulatory advocacy, education and information exchange. It has the large membership of companies such as facility owners, paint manufacturers, painting contractors, architectural, engineering and construction firms, educators.

This is an association of professionals engaged in educational institutes, Industrial houses and any other bodies interested in the area of protecive coatings, corrosion science. The Society for Surface Protective Coating - India was founded in July 2004 and is registered under societies registration act of 1850 to the Registrar of Charitable trust.

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Paint coatings & Quality
Pipeline Corrosion
Surface Engineering in
Automotive Industry
Industrial Corrosion
Paint Coating Inspection
& Quality Control

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